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Recruitment companies

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Note that job agencies often shows open jobs at their website


Note that some also shows other jobs

Abacus & March

Alba Crew Placements

Amandine International Chef Placement


Bachmann recruitment

Barcelona yacht crew

Blackspot crew

Blue Water Yachting

Burgess yachts

Camper and Nicholsons

Chefs now uk

Chelsea staff bureau international


Crew and concierge

Crew Asia

Crew Finders International

Crew headhunter

Crew Pacific

Crew Seekers International

Cruise Job Fair

Denison crew division

Diana Corell

Dmb yachting


Edmiston crew

Effective placements


Elite Crew International

Estate & Manor

Excite Recruitment


Fraser Yachts

French Riviera yacht & crew

Greycoat Placements

Hill Maritime

Hill Robinson

Insignia crew

International crew solutions

Imperial yachts



JF Recruiting

JMS crew

KGCH Yacht recruitment

Knot Spirit

Lacasse Maritime

Lightshouse Careers

Luxury Yacht Group


Marine resources


Marshall Harber

Master yachts

Monaco equipage

Moran Yachts


Navis Consulting

Neptune crew

Northrop and Johnson

Palm Beach Yachts International

Preferred crew

Quay Crew


Robertson ETO's

Robson Crew Recruitment

Savory Art Culinary

Sea dog recruitment

Sea Gem International

Seal Superyachts Asia

Searchlight crew


Stellar yacht recruitment

Super yacht crew agency

The crew network

Thompson Westwood White

Top crew down under

TWW Crew


Viking Recruitment

West Nautical

Wilson Halligan

Yacht and villa jobs

Yacht Chefs

Yacht Chef Jobs

Yacht Chef agency

Yacht Crew Register

Yachting Partners International





Are you ready for a port state control ?

Worried about your CoC’s and CeC’s certificates?

Due to confusions and or misunderstandings between Port state control officers, job agents, seafarers, Flag states etc. in regards to validation and approval of crew certificates.

The IMO have issued MSC/Circ. 1030 in 2002 and its is still valid confirmed by IMO February 2017, however, for your information and guidance a new STCW.7 Circular that was approved by the Human Element, Training and Watch keeping Sub-Committee at its 4th session (HTW 4) 2017 that provides guidance with regard to CoC’s.  This new STCW.7 Circular also takes into account the guidance in MSC/Circ.1030. - This is to prevent any misunderstanding of validation and approval of CoC’s and CeC’s according to the STCW regulations during PSC’s.

We suggest that you download these documents from IMO:

MSC/Circ. 1030 issued in 2002

STCW.7 Circular

You can download samples of covering letters from DMA and MCA. We strongly suggest that you get the same letters from the place which issued your CoC and CeC.

MCA – Maritime coastguard agency (UK – England).

Final Clarification on the Requirements for Updating Ancillary & Safety Training and Completing Tanker Training.

DMA – Danish maritime authorities (Denmark).

Medical Care Certificate.

DMA RO Circular no. 021Regarding the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watch keeping for Seafarers,

DMA RO Circular no. 020 Regarding minimum safe manning document

If you dont se the pdf files below you need to reload this page.

IMO - 2 pdf files

MSC/Circ. 1030 issued in 2002

STCW.7 Circular

MCA – Maritime coastguard agency (UK – England). - 1 pdf file

Final Clarification on the Requirements for Updating Ancillary & Safety Training and Completing Tanker Training.

DMA – Danish maritime authorities (Denmark). - 3 pdf files

Medical Care Certificate.

DMA RO Circular no. 021Regarding the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watch keeping for Seafarers,

DMA RO Circular no. 020 Regarding minimum safe manning document

The best

travel links

in one place

All you need for a great holiday, for a day ashore, when you need to travel to home or to work

Check out the different links so you know what they contain

You will be pleasantly surprised :-)

Meet other people Tours

Eventbrite -  Create an event or find events near you.

Meetup - Join a local group to meet people. Start a new meetup group in your area. 

Doodle - Get meetings to happen, planning easy and quick.

Withlocals - Book unique private tours and activities with locals worldwide

Advice to all sailors

Seamen's churches are to be found all over the world. Google to find one at your next destination. They often can arrange a visit to your vessel, arrange events and tours. They know the local area and can help you with many issues.

They are open to all sailors no matter where you are from or if you have a religion.

Our best bits of advice

Before you travel, be sure to explore your destination on Google Earth. Also search for cultural, festivals, trade shows, etc. events on the web.

Download maps to your phone. Add places you want to see, then it's easy to find your way around :-)

Remember that if you buy tickets, etc., check the website on Trustpilot before making your purchase. If necessary, click here: Trustpilot

Contact your insurance company and check if you need an extra car, luggage or travel insurance.

This is how the blue EU health insurance card works

Works only in the EU -

Note that -

Turkey is not a member of the EU

The card only covers if the doctor, dentist or hospital is affiliated with the public health insurance in the country.

If you are treated at a private hospital on your holiday, you can subsequently apply for a refund from your public healthcare agency. Remember that applying for a refund is not the same as getting a refund. When it comes to paying for home transportation, the bill is yours if you do not have travel insurance.

If you only travel with the blue health insurance, you may end up having to pay a lot of money if you have to pay for treatment in private hospitals and prescription medicine, as well as, in the worst case, home transport.

Important - Warning

Before traveling, make sure you know the rules and laws of the places you go. This also applies if you make a stop on your trip. Eg. If you are stopped at Dubai airport and have consumed a glass of wine on the airplane, you may end up in prison. Some countries allow the consumption of hash oil or the like. This can mean that THC can be detected in your urine or blood up to 8 weeks after consumption, this can result in years of imprisonment in some countries. Remember some countries have the death penalty for consuming or possessing illegal drugs. Some drugs in your country might be considered illegal drugs in other countries - Note that rules and laws changes now and then. In some countries, you may receive a prison sentence if you bring headache pills, be special aware if you are going to Egypt and or Thailand. Eg. requires the UAE to register your medication on a special website before arriving in the country. What can you do before your trip? Contact the country's embassies to which you will be traveling well in advance and ask for anything you can think of. Among other things about medicine, religious laws/conditions you have to take into account, drinking alcohol is legal, etc. Contact by email or letter so you have a written answer in case of doubt. Keep in mind that even in the United States, some states have tight laws that may surprise you. In some places, kissing on the street is forbidden. In Venice, Italy, snacks are not allowed on the bridges or on the stairs to the city's monuments or dip their toes in the many canals. Rome in Italy has adopted rules to ensure that tourists behave properly. Here it is forbidden to jump in fountains, to eat ugly at monuments and to pull trunks downstairs at historic buildings. Remember when traveling you are a guest in the country you are traveling to. Enjoy, remember your a guest and avoid problems.

Maritime apps

The best and most useful

Download the app's from your usual app store

Note that we cannot give a direct link to all apps

Check them all out.  You will be pleasantly surprised :-)

Class Direct Lloyd's Register app

Browse the classification data Lloyd's Register holds for vessels. Monitor vessel surveys and check the survey status. Book a survey and more.  

Note we do not link to this app. Please find it in your preferred app store

What is the ITF?

The ITF has been helping seafarers since 1896 and today represents the interests of seafarers worldwide, of whom over 600,000 are members of ITF affiliated unions. The ITF is working to improve conditions for seafarers of all nationalities and to ensure adequate regulation of the shipping industry to protect the interests and rights of the workers. The ITF helps crews regardless of their nationality or the flag of their ship.

Maritime World Ports 

The maritime world ports app offer a great database of ports around the world. You can search the desired port by country or port search selection aided by quick searching tooltips. The app also offers information such as harbour characteristics by size and type, water depth, port website etc. Use it before arriving at your next destination.

Note we do not link to this app. Please find it in your preferred app store

DNV GL  My fleet

Fleet Status provides the current class and vessel status information for all vessels in their own fleet. It assists you in planning, ordering and keeping track of class-related activities anytime anywhere.

Direct Access to Technical Expert (DATE) gives direct access to 400 technical experts that are ready to answer any relevant technical question regarding your vessels or units. It provides quick, practical and solution-oriented support.

PortFinder provides contact details of the DNV GL station serving a chosen port, allows contacting the station directly via Email or phone and supports storing the contact in your address book.

Note we do not link to this app. Please find it in your preferred app store

Do you know a good free maritime app?

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