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Class Direct Lloyd's Register app

Browse the classification data Lloyd's Register holds for vessels. Monitor vessel surveys and check the survey status. Book a survey and more.  

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What is the ITF?

The ITF has been helping seafarers since 1896 and today represents the interests of seafarers worldwide, of whom over 600,000 are members of ITF affiliated unions. The ITF is working to improve conditions for seafarers of all nationalities and to ensure adequate regulation of the shipping industry to protect the interests and rights of the workers. The ITF helps crews regardless of their nationality or the flag of their ship.

Maritime World Ports 

The maritime world ports app offer a great database of ports around the world. You can search the desired port by country or port search selection aided by quick searching tooltips. The app also offers information such as harbour characteristics by size and type, water depth, port website etc. Use it before arriving at your next destination.

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DNV GL  My fleet

Fleet Status provides the current class and vessel status information for all vessels in their own fleet. It assists you in planning, ordering and keeping track of class-related activities anytime anywhere.

Direct Access to Technical Expert (DATE) gives direct access to 400 technical experts that are ready to answer any relevant technical question regarding your vessels or units. It provides quick, practical and solution-oriented support.

PortFinder provides contact details of the DNV GL station serving a chosen port, allows contacting the station directly via Email or phone and supports storing the contact in your address book.

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